Noouhost is now closed

As of 11th January Noouhost has closed. If you are an existing customer you may access your account here.

Getting Started


Welcome to the getting started page written for all customers.

Firstly, if you have chosen not to register your domain(s) with us then you will need to complete the next step. If you have already registered a domain with us then there please proceed to step 2.

You will need to change the nameservers inside the control panel where your domain is registered (If you get stuck, their support group should be able to show you how to change them). The nameservers should be changed to the below;


Once this is done it may take around 24 hours to update the registry and become live.

So that’s step 1 down. Step 2 would be uploading your website.

To upload your website we recommend FileZilla however you can use any FTP program you wish. The example below will be shown using FileZilla.

When you took out your hosting package you would have received an email with lots of information on, including your FTP details, Nameservers, Webmail etc… You will need this email now to setup your FTP connection.

Open FileZilla, choose from the Menu – File – Site Manager.

Once you have Site Manager open you will need the following information from the email we sent you.

Under the heading ***FTP*** we need the

  • Server Name (which is usually or an IP address)
  • Username (the domain without http://www.)
  • Password (this can be changed in the control panel but remember if you change it there you have to change it here).

This is what it should look like;

FileZilla FTP

Once you have filled in all the information like the above, click connect.

Now, we know it will say something like “Error: Critical error // Error: Could not connect to server” – That’s fine, we wanted it to do this as we now have to explain step 3 which will allow you access to your FTP.

The FTP locking system provides an extra layer of security to help keep hackers away. You can turn it on or off from inside the Control Panel ( Click the link, and use the information in your welcome email to log in under *** noouhost Control Panel ***.

Once you have logged into the control panel for your site, you will see about 1/3 of the way down the page on the right a box that looks similar to the one below;

Unlock FTP

Simply, choose the time period you wish for the FTP to be unlocked – Click Unlock.

Once you have completed this you will be able to log into your FTP using your chosen program like below;

Double click on public_html to open the folder. Inside the folder you will see index.html – You will need to overwrite this file with your own index.html file

Upload your files!