Noouhost is now closed

As of 11th January Noouhost has closed. If you are an existing customer you may access your account here.

Important information for WordPress users

Web hosts across the world are currently experiencing a huge DDoS attack that is specifically targeting WordPress installations on shared hosting platforms.

A number of other web hosts have started removing access to wp-login; however we don’t want to do this as it mean you can’t access your website’s WordPress control panel. We are going to add an extra layer of security to help fend off this attack and still give you access to your control panel.

Whilst this attack is on-going, you may find that when trying to login to your WordPress Admin you are prompted for a username and password not previously required (in addition to your usual login details). The credentials for this login are:
Username: protected
Password: wordpress

This automated attack is affecting WordPress websites globally and is not targeted at a particular web host, which is why we’re happy to make the login details above public.

As soon as normal service is resumed, this prompt will be removed and the above credentials will no longer be required. We appreciate your patience during this time, and will update once this has been resolved.