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As of 11th January Noouhost has closed. If you are an existing customer you may access your account here.

Backup – Instructions

Hey All,

With the recent spate of hacks and bots going around town trying to log into your website we thought this would be a good time to reiterate the importance of backups and how to do them if you’re a Noouhost customer.

Firstly, you need to log into your control panel for your hosting. This can be found by login into Once you have logged in, you can navigate to the control panel by clicking on Services > My Services – you will be shown a list of all hosting packages related to your account. Choose the one you wish to backup or make changes to and click ‘View Details’

My Services

Once you have clicked on ‘View Details’. You will be shown another page with all of the information about this particular service. Click on ‘Login to Control Panel’

Login CP

Once you have clicked ‘Login to Control Panel’, the control panel will open in a new window. The first panel of icons is called Files, which is also where you will find ‘Backup/Restore’. Click on ‘Backup/Restore’.


You will then be shown another page which will allow you to choose what to backup. You can go for a partial backup of a particular folder or a full site backup of everything. There is more information on this page that we recommend you read to gain a full understanding of what is being backed-up.


You can also restore a backup from the same place. Just scroll a little way down the page and you will see a restore section. This is where you would re-upload your backup should anything happen to your website.


Once you have a full website backup, you will also need to backup your SQL databases separately. To do this go back to the home page of the control panel by clicking ‘home’ in the top right. You will then find a box called ‘Web Tools’ – it’s about three below ‘Files’. Inside that box, you will see ‘MySQL Databases’ – Click on ‘MySQL Databases’.


You will then be taken to a new page. Here is where you can backup your MySQL databases one by one with one click. Click ‘Backup’ – you have now completed a full backup of your site. Note: This is also the same place you can restore your MySQL Database backups.

Manage MySQL

We hope that you have found this useful. Please make sure you do take regular backups as this is your responsibility.


Noouhost Support Team